Gert Kromhout
Military aviation writer and photographer

Aviation photography

Gallery: Ike 2012, October 2012

The images in this gallery were made on the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69) in the North Arabian Sea from October 2 to 4 during operation Enduring Freedom Operations. It was an excellent visit. Though short of manpower because of illness of the chief of public affairs, the deputy PAO LT Adam Cole provided all the support that we needed. Many thanks for your help. Also, many thanks to the crew, especially the flight deck officers that escorted us during flight deck operations and the LSOs who allowed us in their 'kingdom'. The embark was almost extended from 48 hours to unknown. One of the two C-2A Greyhound transport planes was already down with maintenance issues in Bahrain while the second one of the VRC-40 detachment was damaged upon landing on the ship the day prior our departure. If the USS Enterprise would not have been in the neighborhood a generously provided C-2 of that ship's detachment would not have flown us back to Bahrain.



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