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Gallery: Last Tomcat cruise (October 2005)

These images were taken over a time span of just 36 hours in the Persian Gulf during the last Tomcat cruise in October 2005. This was an extremely successful embark with the objective to write a story on this cruise for several international aviation magazines. This embark would not have been a success without the public affairs office of the USS Theodore Roosevelt and the ship's crew. They did everything to facilitate our wishes. Another important part of the success was the 5th Fleet public affairs officer in Bahrain. We had tried to get a 48-hours visit but for various reasons only 24 could be allowed. Upon arrival in our hotel in Bahrain the public affairs officer called with the welcome announcement that we would be flying to the ship five hours sooner (06.00!) than initially planned. The down side of this was that we would not make the trap in a C-2 Greyhound but a deck landing in a MH-53E Sea Stallion. The only other 'passenger' on that flight was a big General Electric F110 engine. The took advantage of the additional hours on board to the fullest.



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