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2 November 2016

"Bliksems op Zee"

Publication: Onze Luchtmacht (Dutch Air Force Magazine) (5/2016)
Bliksems op Zee

VFA-101 'Grim Reapers' was in augustus 2016 voor het eerst sinds het de laatste klas F-14 Tomcat-vliegers qualificeerden in 2005 weer aan boord  van een vliegdekschip. Ditmaal namen ze de F-35C Lightning II mee. Tegelijkertijd was VX-23 'Salty Dogs' aan boord voor de laatste van drie test fases genaamd Development Test 3. De carrier was de USS George Washington (CVN-73).

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2 November 2016

"Grim Reapers Back on Deck"

Publication: Combat Aircraft Monthly (November 2016)
Grim Reapers Back on Deck

VFA-101 'Grim Reapers' went back to the ship for the first time since they carrier qualified the last class of the Grumman F-14 Tomcat in March 2005, This time with the Lockheed Martin F-35C 'Lightning II'.

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2 November 2016

"Dogs and Reapers share the deck"

Publication: Air International (October 2016)
Dogs and Reapers share the deck

VFA-101 'Gream Reapers' went to the boat for carrier qualifications for the first time while VX-23 'Salty Dogs' conducted the development test phase 3. A report from the USS George Washington (CVN-73).

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1 November 2016

"Sunset for the Super Etendard"

Publication: Air Force Monthly (October 2016)
Sunset for the Super Etendard

The Super Etendard Modernise retired from French Navy service in July 2016.

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31 October 2016

"Making It Real"

Publication: Air Forces Monthly (July 2015)
Making It Real

Exercise reports: Frisian Flag 2015 and EARTT 2015

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31 October 2016

"A Special Breed"

Publication: Air Forces Monthly (September 2015)
A Special Breed

New equipment for the 352nd Special Operations Wing at RAF Mildenhall.

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29 October 2016

"Running on Empty"

Running on Empty

Force Report Royal Netherlands Air Force.

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29 October 2016

"Mirage F1 Sunset"

Publication: Air Forces Monthly (August 2014)
Mirage F1 Sunset

Retirement of the Dassault Mirage F1 from French Air Force service.

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29 October 2016


Publication: Air Forces Monthly (April 2015)

Republic of China Air  Force

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29 October 2016

"Taiwan Tigers"

Publication: Combat Aircraft Monthly (March 2015)
Taiwan Tigers

The Republic of China F-5 Tiger IIs

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29 October 2016


Publication: Combat Aircraft Monthly (February 2015)

Report on the Grumman S-2T Trackers of the Republic of China Air Force.

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6 April 2014

"Dutch C-130 squadron"

Dutch C-130 squadron

Coming soon in Combat Aircraft Monthly, 336 squadron Royal Netherlands Air Force. Enjoy the gallery!

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22 October 2013

"ECE 5/330 report published in Dutch"

Publication: Onze Luchtmacht (October/November 2013)
ECE 5/330 report published in Dutch

The Dutch Air Force Association magazine Onze Luchtmacht published a five-page report and added a nice centerfold of a Rafale and Mirage F1CR in formation!

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6 October 2013

"Gallery update: 323 squadron special tail"

Publication: Koku Fan (September 2013.)
Gallery update: 323 squadron  special tail

Photo shoot with special tail F-16AM of 323 squadron over Vlieland and Waddenzee in late May 2013.

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31 August 2013

"Gallery update: Orange Lion Photo Shoot"

Publication: none Gallery update: Orange Lion Photo Shoot

On the 31st of May Frank Crebas set up a photo shoot of the Orange Lion, the specially painted F-16AM of the Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16 demonstration team.


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5 July 2013

"Escadron de Reconnaissance 2/33 'Savoie'"

Escadron de Reconnaissance 2/33 'Savoie'

The last Mirage F1 squadron of the French Air Force is busy as every. Despite slated for disbandment in June 2014 the squadron remains combat ready until almost the end.

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26 May 2013

"Escadron de Chasse et d'Éxperimentations 5/330"

Escadron de Chasse et d'Éxperimentations 5/330

Escadron de Chasse et d'Expérimentations 5/330 Côte d'Argent is the operational test and evaluation squadron of the French Air Force. It is part of the Centre d’Expériences Aériennes Militaires at Mont de Marsan Air Base. A report on this special unit will be published in Combat Aircraft Monthly later this year.

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15 February 2013

"Ike of Arabia"

Publication: Air Forces Monthly (March 2013)
Ike of Arabia

This report was prepared in early October 2012 on the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69) in the North Arabian Sea during Operation Enduring Freedom operations. PDF of the article is available.

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15 February 2013

"Volkel Vipers"

Publication: Combat Aircraft (February 2013)
Volkel Vipers

Once, the Royal Netherlands Air Force maintained the largest F-16 fleet outside the US Air Force. Despite almost continuous use in real world operations since 1993 the fleet was decimated in the past two decades. Exclusive photography by Frank Crebas/

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17 January 2013

"Ike/CVW-7 in OEF Arabian Sea"

Publication: Koku Fan (February 2013)
Ike/CVW-7 in OEF Arabian Sea

Photo report of Carrier Air Wing 7 on the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower in the Arabian Sea.

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17 November 2012

"The Danger Zone"

Publication: Combat Aircraft (November 2012)
The Danger Zone

RAF Mildenhall is home to the US Air Force's 352nd Special Operations Group, equipped with MC-130H Combat Talons and MC-130P Combat Shadows.

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16 October 2012

"Operation Harmattan"

Publication: Onze Luchtmacht (Number 4, 2012)
Operation Harmattan

French aircraft carrier FNS Charles de Gaulle in Operation Harmattan, the French efforts over Libya.

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15 October 2012

"Super Etendard, 'La 'Glorieuse'"

Publication: Combat Aircraft (October 2012)
Super Etendard, 'La 'Glorieuse'

Report on Flottille 17, the last French Super Etendard unit. (Embark on FNS Charles de Gaulle in April 2012 with co-author Stephan de Bruijn.)

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22 March 2012

"352nd SOG gallery added"

Publication: online (online)
352nd SOG gallery added

Photo report 352nd SOG

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24 January 2012

"French Air Force Review"

Publication: Combat Aircraft (January 2012)
French Air Force Review

Gert Kromhout and Stephan de Bruijn review the current French Air Force

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24 July 2011

"Operation Unified Protector"

Publication: Koku Fan (July 2011)
Operation Unified Protector

photo report of a tanker mission over the Mediterranean Sea during the air operations over Libya.

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16 June 2011

"Tiger's Last Roar"

Publication: Air Forces Monthly (June 2011)
Tiger's Last Roar

Report on Escadron de Chasse 1/12 'Cambresis'.

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24 May 2011

"Cover photo Dutch Air Force magazine"

Publication: Vliegende Hollander (Mei 2011)
Cover photo Dutch Air Force magazine

Cover photo and some photos inside of F-16s of the Royal Netherlands Air Force during Operation Unified Protector. The photos were taken from a C-135FR of the French Air Force flying out of Istres Air Base, France.

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1 March 2011

"The French-Qatari Connection"

Publication: Air Forces Monthly (November 2011)
The French-Qatari Connection

Qatar's involvement in the recent Libyan campaign.

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24 August 2010

"F1 Finale"

Publication: Air Forces Monthly (August 2010)
F1 Finale

The Mirage F1 slowly retires from active service.

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24 June 2010

"Versleten Transalls"

Publication: Onze Luchtmacht (June/July 2010)
Versleten Transalls

Ageing French C-160 Transall transport planes still perform vital transport duties.

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31 March 2006

"Last Tomcat Cruise"

Publication: International Air Power Review (2006)
Last Tomcat Cruise

The Last Tomcat Cruise

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26 October 2005

"Last Class Baby! "

Publication: Air Forces Monthly (October 2005)
Last Class Baby!

Gert Kromhout and Stephan de Bruijn went aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt for the last F-14 carrier qualifications undertaken by the Tomcat Fleet Replenishment Squadron, VF-101 'Grim Reapers'.

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